Guide Rates

Fishing Guide Rates on this page are general and not always correct. For 100% live availability and the most updated rates click the instant book button and choose your option. There is no cost to do so, just provides more options.  If you do not see the length of trip you would like, please contact us; we will see what can be done.

4 Hour Trip

The four-hour trip is perfect for family outings or those with busy schedules, this tour allows for the flexibility of morning or after departures. While the tour seems short, it still gives ample time to enjoy the lake and catch fish.

1 angler-$349.99
2 anglers-$374.99
3 anglers-$449.99
4 anglers-$524.99

6 Hour Trip

The Anglers’ favorite, for its length of time and choice of morning or afternoon departures. Picked mostly by teams of two anglers, it’s great for a makeshift tournament with a friend or bonding with a family member who loves to fish.

1 angler-$424.99
2 anglers-$449.99
3 anglers-$549.99
4 anglers-$649.99

8 Hour Trip

A great choice for most, the length of the tour allows for a more relaxed feel, great for fishermen and families who want to just enjoy the day on the water.

1 angler-$529.99
2 anglers-$549.99
3 anglers-$649.99
4 anglers-$749.99

9 Hour Trip

A great trip to bring the wife and kids on, these trips include a stop at a local marina for lunch.

1 angler-$574.99
2 anglers-$599.99
3 anglers-$699.99
4 anglers-$799.99

11 Hour Trip

This trip offers a complete experience with a whole day of fishing. Mostly chosen by anglers with a one-time chance of being in the area.

1 or 2 anglers-$674.99
3 anglers-$774.99
4 anglers-$874.99

If you have any questions about guide rates, reach out!