Things to Bring

Things to Bring


During the warmer months, light-colored clothing will help you stay cool while out on the lake.

When the cold weather starts blowing in, heavy jackets and winter wear are a must. we do also carry extra cold-weather jackets, just in case.

It’s best to wear layered clothing and close-toe shoes, a hat and sunglasses are also recommended.


We provide all fishing equipment rods, left and right-handed reels, and all the lures you can use and lose.

If you like you may bring your own gear on board also.


We provide a cooler with ice and bottled water, but you may bring any specialty drinks you like, we allow alcohol on board.

You may also bring your own lunch or we can do a shore lunch, it’s really fun to fish a half-day ride into a marina have lunch, and then hit the water again for the next session.

Still unsure?

When you book your trip just leave a note if reserved online, or ask over the phone.

After you reserve the trip you will receive a confirmation email with your guide’s name and number, if you still have any questions please feel free to give us a call and we will let you know what to expect for the trip regarding weather and what to bring.